Our Philosophy
UHS takes a unique approach to mental health, utilizing both collaboration and shared decision-making. This means, in addition to including both the patient and family in decision making, our providers will collaborate with the patient’s primary care provider and other providers to collect collateral information to ensure an accurate diagnosis, assess possible contraindications and formulate the best and most individualized treatment plan to address target symptoms. 
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Unitas Healthcare Systems is a nurse practitioner led team of interdisciplinary providers who are passionate about mental health. We have years of healthcare experience and expertise in various areas of the healthcare system, allowing us to create the best plan to address your unique needs.


We understand the impact mental health has on a person's life. This is why, at Unitas Healthcare Systems we provide compassionate, personalized mental health services for all individuals. We believe in providing care that empowers individuals and families to promote and prolong health and wellbeing.


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Our Approach to Medication Management (Psychopharmacology).


At UHS medication management alone is not a first-line intervention with our patients, we only utilize medication management in addition to psychotherapy, either with a UHS mental health provider or the patient’s preferred mental health provider. In situations where medication management is indicated, our practice, when possible, is to initiate one medication at a time, at a low dose and titrate slowly to achieve target symptom reduction. This method is called “monotherapy,” and is a simpler and safer way to initiate medication, especially among children, adolescents and the elderly. Our goal is to decrease the possibility of an adverse reaction while achieving target symptom reduction. 


It is our belief, these approaches to care, allow UHS to create a strong network of support for the patient, minimize adverse effects, increase safety, facilitate continuity of care and reach our ultimate goal of symptom reduction and increased quality of life.