Healthcare Systems in Cambridge, MA

Eating Disorder Help in Cambridge

Unitas Healthcare Services knows that eating disorders can be an extremely sensitive subject and we are here to help with our professionalism and discretion. At Unitas, we offer both in-patient and out-patient (telehealth) services for our eating disorder patients. We are not only here to guide you through this healing process with the medical expertise of our trained team but also with the compassion and care that someone suffering from an eating disorder needs. To learn more about our eating disorder services and how we can help you or your loved ones contact us today and we will set up and introductory visit or call and best go over our plan to help. 

Medication Management Services in Cambridge

The Unitas Healthcare Systems medication management service alone is not a first-line intervention with our patients; we only utilize medication management in addition to psychotherapy, either with a Unitas mental health provider or the patient’s preferred mental health provider. In situations where medication management is indicated, our practice, when possible, is to initiate one medication at a time, at a low dose, and titrate slowly to achieve target symptom reduction. This method is called “monotherapy,” and is a simpler and safer way to initiate medication, especially among children, adolescents, and the elderly. We aim to decrease the possibility of an adverse reaction while achieving the target symptom reduction. It is our belief, that these approaches to care allow Unitas to create a strong network of support for the patient, minimize adverse effects, increase safety, facilitate continuity of care, and reach our ultimate goal of symptom reduction and increased quality of life. 

Anxiety Disorders Services in Cambridge

Anxiety Disorders are something that needs to be taken very seriously and often is not. At Unitas Healthcare Systems, we listen to all our patients are work to find a treatment or solution to your problems. There are many different variations of anxiety disorders, one of the most common being OCD. We work with patients to not only treat their OCD but also overcome it. The fear and discomfort of an anxiety disorder can be overwhelming, which is why Unitas offers the full support of their staff and knowledge to help combat these issues and build the strength to push back.

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Getting Started With Unitas Healthcare Systems

We’re proud to extend our dedicated telehealth services to the residents of Cambridge, MA, recognizing the importance of accessible healthcare. To begin your journey to better health, reach out to us at (617) 401-7441. We eagerly await your call, ready to guide you and collaborate on your wellness goals.