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Child Psychiatry for Residents of Somerville

The patient-doctor relationship is reshaped in child psychiatry through the development of a customized and long-lasting relationship. With a distinctive and personalized approach to mental health care, our concierge child psychiatry services mark a change from traditional healthcare. We can give your child the specialized treatment they deserve because we have overcome the limitations imposed by insurance. With families and kids in mind, these services are meticulously created to provide the best option for individuals seeking private psychiatric care in the comfort of their own homes. Concierge child psychiatry is essentially a lighthouse of personalized care, crafted to your family’s unique requirements, providing a haven for recovery and development. Learn how this cutting-edge service, is already offered to the residents of Somerville, Massachusetts, and other neighboring communities.

Medication Management Services in Somerville

We exclusively use medication management alongside psychotherapy, either with a Unitas mental health practitioner or the patient’s selected mental health provider; the Unitas Healthcare Systems medication management program by itself is not a first-line intervention with our patients. When medication management is necessary, we try to start one medicine at a time, at a low dose, and titrate the dosage gradually to reach the desired level of symptom reduction. The approach Unitas used is called monotherapy, this approach is a more straightforward and secure way to start medicine, particularly for young patients, adults, and the elderly. While attaining the desired symptom reduction, our goal is to lessen the likelihood of an unfavorable reaction. We think that these methods of care enable Unitas to establish a robust network of support for our patients. In the end, the goal is always to have a positive patient outcome and increase the patient’s quality of life. 

Ketamine Treatment for Residents in Somerville

Ketamine has long been a reliable anesthetic and painkiller due to its efficacy and safety. Beyond its safe reputation, ketamine has great potential as a non-invasive and helpful treatment for people with mood disorders. This is especially true for people dealing with depression, anxiety, and other mood-related issues. There are numerous advantages to selecting ketamine treatment. The main way that ketamine works is by increasing and stimulating brain activity, which may lead to long-term gains in general well-being. As a result of its quick action, patients frequently report good changes soon after starting treatment. Ketamine can generate a deeply relaxed state, which is especially beneficial for people who are struggling with mood disorders.

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Getting Started With Unitas Healthcare Systems

We’re proud to extend our dedicated telehealth services to the residents of Somerville, MA, recognizing the importance of accessible healthcare. To begin your journey to better health, reach out to us at (617) 401-7441. We eagerly await your call, ready to guide you and collaborate on your wellness goals.