Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine is a pain relief and anesthetic medication that’s been used safely throughout the United States since 1970. Not only is it safe, but it’s an effective and non-invasive option for those with mood disorders. This is an excellent alternative for those with depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. 

How Ketamine Will Be Administered

Ketamine comes in a prescription nasal spray used with oral antidepressants for:

  • Adults with depression who are resistant to treatment.
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions in adults with major depressive disorder.

Ketamine nasal spray is non-invasive yet highly effective for those with mood disorders. 

ketamine treatment

Benefits of Ketamine Treatment

There are many different benefits of receiving ketamine treatment. Overall, ketamine works by increasing and stimulating brain activity. It can have a positive, long-lasting effect on your well-being. Ketamine is fast-acting, meaning many people feel it works within days of treatment. It can also provide a deep sense of relaxation, which many patients benefit from with their mood disorders. 

Conditions Treated By Ketamine

Ketamine can be used to treat and improve a wide range of conditions. Below is a list of mood disorders that can be positively affected by ketamine treatment:

  • Major Depressive Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Bipolar Depression
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What to Expect Prior, During & Post Treatment

Prior to Treatment

Before your treatment begins, you will be given a comprehensive physical and psychiatric exam. This allows the experts to administer the appropriate dosage to best support your mood disorder.

During Treatment

Once this dosage is determined, your ketamine treatment will be administered with ketamine. You will take the ketamine nasal spray yourself, with the supervision of a healthcare provider present. We will demonstrate how to use the ketamine nasal spray. Some people taking ketamine can develop nausea or vomiting. You should not consume food for at least 2 hours prior to taking ketamine nasal spray and do not drink any liquid for at least 30 minutes before taking ketamine nasal spray.

Post Treatment  

The treatment will be completed shortly after taking ketamine nasal spray. A medical professional will observe you for a short duration after the treatment is complete. You will need to plan for a caregiver or family member to drive you home after taking ketamine nasal spray.

How You Can Get Started With Ketamine Treatment

If you believe that ketamine treatment sounds like a suitable method for you, contact one of our experts at Unitas Healthcare Systems today. We are more than happy to guide you throughout this journey. Give us a call today at (617) 401-7441, we look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey to wellness.